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public payphone


airtel has identified the payphone sector as a profitable market segment. This is both a social and business need for public calling among the low-income groups. The key to our success in this market has been an attractive offer to the payphone operator that allows calls to be priced at a rate that appeals to the community. Hence our success has been maintained through constant monitoring and supervision of our payphones and swift reaction to arising issues.


There is a wide range of equipment available. airtel has explored a number of different types of payphones from a large number of suppliers. Some of these Payphones are internet enable. Presently we have the following:

  • Vision tech
  • Avvio

Customer care support services

We run a well-established customer care desk that handles concerns, queries and complaints from our numerous customers, operators and end users. We also disseminate information through this desk about our activities and other business support initiatives from time to time.

Call our toll free line on 121/111