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international calling

With airtel, International direct dialing comes as standard. All airtel mobile phones are already set up to make international calls.

How to make an international call

Simply dial + followed by:

  • Destination country code
  • Area code
  • Telephone number

Here is an example of how you would make a call to Los Angeles, USA.

  • Dial: + (the international access code)
  • Dial: 1 (the country code for the USA)
  • Dial: 213 (the area code for Los Angeles)
  • Dial the telephone number of the person

International calls prices

Destination Price per min
UK  0.38 units
USA & Canada 0.38 units
Lebanon  0.38 units
China 0.40 units
Guinea Conakry  0.68 units
India 0.30 units
South Africa  0.40 units
Nigeria 0.40 units
Thailand 0.40 units
Brazil 0.40 units
Switzerland 0.50 units
Russia 0.40 units
Rest of the world 0.40 units

International call offers/ promotions

Talking discount (telescopic charging)

  • Talk for 3 Minutes & get a discount for the next subsequent minutes at 15 units for USA, CANADA ,UK (LL), CHINA and NIGERIA at 30 units (Targeted base)


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  • You can Roam across Africa on One Network as a local subscriber and enjoy 100 mins free receiving talk time (MTC)

Enjoy international roaming with airtel

  • airtel Roam with over 125 countries across the globe and 321 networks all over the world