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airtel one network service

Visit airtel one network website : http://airtelsocial.com/oneairtel/

With airtel you can now use your prepaid SIM outside of Sierra Leone and in countries where airtel operates the One Network Service. On landing and switching your phone On you immediately receive a welcome message and become a local customer in that visited network. You can call and be billed at local rates.

Key learnings about One Network:

  • While away friends, family members and business contacts in Sierra Leone can still reach you in a One Network country on your airtel prepaid number;
  • Calls from Sierra Leone to a prepaid contact roaming in a One Network country are treated as local calls and billed according to local kombra, flat and moonlight rates and not at international rates;
  • All calls you make within a visited One Network country are charged at their local rates and calls outside that country to, say, Sierra Leone, are charged at international rates as set by that One Network country;
  • There is no surcharge for receiving a call while enjoying the One Network in another airtel operation;
  • You enjoy most of the services you are used to enjoying in Sierra Leone like balance check, Call Me Now, Know Your Number, Notify Me, voicemail, Me2u and more
  • You can top-up with local scratch cards by dialling 138* [followed by the hidden number on the scratch card]; you can also receive Me2u and Mobile Top-up from people in Sierra Leone to recharge your prepaid account;
  • Postpaid customers wishing to join One Network should physically select the airtel network from Message Settings on landing; and
  • When dialling outside a visited airtel One Network country, make sure you use the international dialling format (eg. +23276)

For more information call Customer Care on 111