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roaming tariffs

Costs for using your mobile phone when you're abroad

The cost of using your phone abroad will pass onto your monthly Airtel account in Sierra Leone. This process might take two or three months. You will be charged according to the rates of the network you use when you're abroad.

Outgoing calls

As an example, let's say you are roaming in the UK, using the Vodafone network. All the calls you make in the UK will be charged at Vodafone's local or international rates plus a 15% mark up according to the type of call you make.

Incoming calls

There is a charge for the re-routing of all your incoming calls, including calls from the UK.

How to save money while roaming

To save money, contact our Customer Care team and ask them either to bar your incoming calls or divert them to voicemail. If you divert them to voicemail, you will still have to pay international rates to retrieve them.