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How to Send or Receive SMS?

How to get started

Your phone may already be set up to use SMS. If not, you need to in put the number of the service centre:

  • Select MESSAGES
  • Enter the service centre number: +23276010101

How to send a text message

All mobile phones work slightly differently. Look in the manual of your mobile phone to open the text messages menu on your phone.

When you open the text messages menu:

  • Type your message
  • Select SEND
  • Enter the mobile phone number of the person you are sending the message to
  • Select SEND

How to receive text messages

When a text message arrives, your phone will alert you - usually by making a sound and displaying a small picture of an envelope or the words Text Message.

  • Use the text messages menu on your phone to read and save your message
  • You can read messages immediately and save them in your phone's memory
  • From time to time you should delete old messages. Otherwise, if the phone's memory is full, you won't be able to receive any more messages