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How to get airtel info If, for example, you want Hovercraft airline schedule, type "HVC" and send it as an SMS to 444.For phones other than Nokia. To download Logos, Ringtones and Pictures please type the keyword of the info you desire and send it as an SMS to short code 555. A generated SMS text would require you to make your phone selection; that is, you would be required to specify the type of handset you are using. After making your selection from a provided list, you will then receive a list of contents. When you reply stating what you want you will receive the logo or ringtone or picture, as the case may be. For more information and enquiries, please contact customer care on 111 or visit airtel shops countrywide.


My airtel account

Service name Keyword Short code
Check balance - *137# or 160
Top up - *136* scratch card code # 
Who called? On On 222
Who called? Off Off 222
Customer Service - 121 or 111
Voice Mail - 120
MAMO - 141


Info services


Service name Keyword Shortcode
Local news loc 444
International news int 444
Business news bus 444
Entertainment news ent 444
International sport isp 444
Football news foo 444


Football scores

Service name Keyword Shortcode
English Premier League pre 444
European Champs League cha 444
UEFA Cup uef 444
FA Cup fac 444
international matches ima 444
World cup wor 444
African Nations Cup afc 444
European cup euc 444
National league nat 444
Manchester United man 444
AC Milan acm 444
Barcelona bar 444
Real Madrid rea 444
Juventus juv 444
Inter Milan itm 444
Valencia val 444
Arsenal ars 444
Chelsea che 444
Liverpool liv 444


Financial services

Foreign exchange rates

Service name Keyword Shortcode
euro eur 444
Canadian dollar cad 444
US dollar usd 444
British pound bpd 444
CFA cfa 444
Naira nai 444
Cedi ced 444
Liberian Dollar lib 444
CFA cfa 444
Dalasi dal 444
Rand rnd 444
Guinea franc gfr 444


Commodity price

Service name Keyword Shortcode
Staple foods food 444
Rice gallon ric 444
Palm oil Pal 444
Vegetable oil veg 444
Meat met 444
Petrol pet 444
Diesel die 444
Kerosene ker 444



Airline schedules

Service name Keyword Shortcode
SN Brussels sn 444
Hovercraft hvc 444
Ferry fer 444
British Airways ba 444
Kenya Airways kq 444
Air Maroc mar 444
Local travel ltf 444




Service name Keyword Shortcode
Top 5 local lor 555
Western ringtones ri 555
African ringtones afr 555
Reggae ringtones reg 555
Gospel ringtones gos 555



Service name Keyword Shortcode
Top 5 logos li 555


Picture messages

Service name Keyword Shortcode
Top 5 Pictures pi 555



Service name Keyword Shortcode
Aquarius aqua 444
Aries aries 444
Cancer cancer 444
Capricorn capri 444
Gemini gemini 444
Leo leo 444
Libra libra 444
Pisces pisces 444
Sagittarius sagit 444
Scorpio scorpio 444
Taurus taurus 444
Virgo virgo 444


Other entertainment services

Service name Keyword Shortcode
Joke joke 444
Quote quote 444
Thoughts day 444
Facts fact 444
Hollywood gossip gossip 444
Beauty tips Btip 444
Health tips htip 444
several services More 444
What’s happening Event 444