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sms shorthand

SMS text messages have their own language. Words and numbers are used together:

  • B4 = 'before'
  • L8R = 'later'

You can use this method to ask someone: 'How RU?'

Here are some of the usual text message abbreviations.

SMS shorthand

Before B4
Easily EZLY
Excellent XLNT
For your information FYI
Great GR8
I will speak to you later SPK 2U L8R
Late L8
Later L8R
Laughing out loud LOL
Love LUV
Please PLS
Regards RGDS
Speak SPK
Today 2DAY
Tomorrow 2Moro
Waiting W8ng
Want to WAN2
What WOT
Where are you? WER R U
You look great U Look GR8
Please call me tomorrow PCM2moro
Thank you ThnQ
I'll be 30 minutes late I'll B 30min L8
How are you today? How R U 2day?
See you soon C U Soon
A soon as possible asap
Through Thru
Why Y
Date D8
Respond upon receiving Rsup
Bye for now Bfn
Be right back brb
By the way btw
See you later Cul8r
Free to talk F2t
In other words iow
Be B (wana b my txtm8?)
Laugh laf
Do not dnt
Because coz
Next nxt
As far as I know afaik
Also known as aka
busy bc