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unstructured supplementary service data(uusd)

Unstructured Supplementary Service Data is an SMS flash on mobile handsets prompted by requests and it provides useful services at no cost to customers

However, unlike SMS proper, the flash SMS cannot be stored on your phone or forwarded to another number
airtel has Call Me Now, Know Your Number and Notify Me USSDs

Call me now

Do you have 0 balance on your phone and want to talk to someone badly? With airtel no need to flash again or think: How can I flash with 0 balance

  • Just dial *144*076XXXXXX# or *144*078XXXXXX# and the person will receive a text message to call you
  • It can also be sent to off-net numbers
  • It attracts no charges

Know your number

Have you forgotten your mobile number? With airtel you can have it posted on your phone's screen in seconds after you dial your request

  • Just dial *242#
  • It attracts no charges

Notify me

Imagine you try to call someone and his phone is either switched off or outside coverage area or maybe his line is busy at the time of your call With airtel you can now tell when that person can be reached with USSD Notify me.

Just dial *244*076XXXXXX# or *244*078XXXXXX#

Once the number is available you will be notified by USSD flash on your phone to make the call. It attracts no charges and available off-net as well

Balance enquiry

Dial *137# to check your credit balance

Call 121 for details