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Airtel Money Bonus

1. What is the Airtel money top up and win bonus promotion?

In this campaign, a customer will Load Airtime using Airtel Money and will be given Bonus depending on how much they load.

2. How long is the promotion?

The Promotion will last for 30 days.

3. How much bonus will the customer enjoy?

The bonus has been tiered as below;

Airtime Value From To Bonus
0 499 N/A
500 1000 50%
1001 5000 100%
>=5001 UGX 5000

4. How does the customer get the bonus?

The bonus will be credited automatically on to the customer account after the customer has opted into the promotion and
made an airtime purchase. To opt in, the customer will Dial *185*10#.

5. Which customers are eligible for this offer?

All customers are eligible for the promotion.

6. Can I use my bonus to make calls to other networks?

No. All bonus will be used for on net call only.

7. What takes priority, my bonus, my airtime or a bundle I have subscribed for?

Your Bonus will take priority.

8. How can I check for my bonus?

Customers will check for their balance using *170#.

9. Do I get a confirmation message when the bonus has been loaded?

Yes. The customer will get a message when they receive bonus airtime.

10. When does the Bonus expire?

The Bonus will expire at midnight of the Airtime  purchase date.