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me2u - share airtime

Me2U is an airtime-sharing service. It enables you to share airtime with friends and family members directly from your own mobile phone.

How To Transfer Airtime

There are three ways of sharing airtime

Method 1

· Dial *166*Amount*Airtel number # OK.

Method 2

· On your Sim Tool kit (STK) menu select Airtel services

· Under Airtel services select Me2U

· Select the send airtime option

· Type the required amount, enter number, press ok to confirm transaction.

· Enter pin, thereafter press ok to send.

Method 3

· Go to messages, select Write message, then type:

· 2u[space]number[space]amount [space] pin and send to 132.

· For example to send Ushs 4000 to 0750000000

· Simply type: 2u 0750000000 4000 1234 and send the sms to 132.

· The default password is 1234. Please change the default password to a new 4-digit number which only you know.


Airtime transfer charge is 110/=