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Forever Bonus Plan FAQs

What is Forever bonus plan?

Forever Bonus Plan is a tariff plan where a customer will enjoy up to 100% bonus when they recharge/refill.

With this campaign,you will be able to get up to 100% bonus on all recharges as per Bonus matrix below.

Cumulative Monthly Recharge Value Bonus Airtime on Any Recharge
Up to UGX 10,000 20%
UGX 10,001 to 20,000 25%
UGX 20,001 to 50,000 50%
UGX 50,001 or More 100%
Dial *100*8# and select Activate

How do I join Forever bonus plan?

You can join by Dialing *100*8# , press YES/OK

How can I check for my bonus?

You can check bonus using USSD code *170#, press YES/OK

Can I use my bonus to make calls to other networks?

Yes. You can use your bonus to make local calls on both Airtel to airtel and Other-networks. You will be charged 8shs per sec for all Airtel to Airtel calls and 10shs per sec for calls to other networks.

Bonus cannot be used to make international calls and SMS

Will my Airtel Money, EVD recharges be considered for bonus allocation.

All recharges from 3000shs will qualify you for bonus.

Balance transfer/Share/me2u and Beerako will not qualify you for any bonus.

Can I carry forward my bonus?

No, Bonus will expire in one day ( 24hr) from the rime you get it.

Will my bonus percentage remain the same every time I recharge?

Your bonus percentage will keep on increasing depending on your accumulated recharge value for a month.

Can the bonus be used  to purchase/buy  Voice, SMS and Data bundles?

No. Bonus can only be used to make On-net and off-net local calls only.

How often shall I get bonus?

You will get bonus every time you recharge.

When will this plan end?

Forever bonus plan is permanent tariff plan . It will only end when a subscriber opt out.