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One and only

One & only is a product that enables Airtel customers to call a Family and Friends number at 5.5/- per second for the 1st minute. The second minute and beyond is charged at 1/- per second.

  • Product can be accessed through USSD menu *100*11*2#
  • Calls to other on net & off net numbers besides the F&F number are charged at the normal rates.
  • First minute is cumulative
  • The offer is applicable to prepaid customers only

1. Who qualifies for One & only?

Prepaid customers on 075 & 070

2. How does one subscribe to one & only?

Simply dial *100# and choose option 11 for the one & only service and follow instructions.

3. How many preferred numbers (Friends & family) can one activate?

One number at a time and entering 1st number is free

4. Can I change my F&F Number?

Simply dial *100*11*2#, then select change (Option 2).Changing a number costs 100/- everytime you change.

5. Can a customer opt out of the service?

Yes you can opt out of the service by choosing the opt out function.

6. Can preferred number be an off net number?

No, the chosen preferred number has to be an Airtel number only.