Our corporate partners enjoy a number of solutions allowing faster, more affordable and convenient collection and payment systems.

1. Airtel Money Batch Payment Solution

Dispense emplyee allowances and salaries using our Salary Payment Solution which ensures security and reduces cash management processes on business premises.
  • Cash administration tool for Corporate and SME organizations.
  • Enables Organizations to send funds to employees and suppliers via Airtel Money platform, with the use of a mobile phone.
  • Payments may be made according to Payees requirement, with the option of having multiple beneficiaries in a single batch transaction.
  • Reduced cost of salaries & wages processing
  • Reduced manual intervention, hence errors
  • Reduced risk of transporting cash from the bank to premises (CIT)
  • Customized payment options.

For more Information on the airtel Money Batch Payment Service, email your requests and contact to airtelmoney@zm.airtel.com and we will get back to you.

2. Airtel Money Cash Collection Solution >>>