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Audio and Video Conferencing Services

An On-Demand teleconferencing service that enables organizations have multiple, multi-party meetings/discussions using Airtel’s enterprise-class, audio and video conferencing platform.

The Service requires each party to dial a standard telephone number and supply the passcode once prompted – the meeting organizer joins with a host passcode while other participant join with a guest passcode. Every meeting HOST within an organization is assigned a unique passcodes which is used to access the Service, allowing them to initiate a conference call without having to pre-schedule the call.

Our high-definition video conferencing services immersive telepresence suite at our Airtel Head Office.

We fully manage the service for you, or just support you when you need it so that you have value for money and manage your travel Costs.

We work closely with the major providers including Cisco, Polycom and OPX to offer you the best technology available. And we maintain the highest quality conferencing in Zambia and internationally.

With connections carried over our high-bandwidth global MSP (Multi Service Platform) network, you can enjoy High Definition video.

To sign up for this service do not hesitate to contact us.