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1. What is Ikali?

  • Ikali is an offer that can be best described as a suitable on net voice and data segmented offer applicable to the customers’ current voice and data usage.
  • Ikali is constructed on the customers’ usage and behavior patterns.
  • The intended purpose of this offer is to provide a consummate voice minutes and data proposition best suited to the customer’s pocket separately than what a combo bundle offers.
  • To note: Ikali is a continuation of our current Best Voice Offers (BVO) that we have on our SoChe product.

2. What happens to the current Best Voice Offer?

  • The current Best Voice Offer has been replaced by “Ikali” which gives the customer better worth as it includes both voice and data offers.
  • Ikali has onnet minutes and data only as opposed to both all net and on net minutes which the preceding offer comprised.

3. What’s on Offer?

Customers get to enjoy onnet voice minutes or data offers best suited to their needs. Please note that this is an on net only voice offer whilst data is unrestricted. Therefore, customers cannot call other networks with an Ikali minutes pack.

4. What are the benefits of Ikali?

  1. Ikali offers are affordable best suited to customers pocket (value for money)
  2. Customers can enjoy purchasing multiple voice packs or data bundles
  3. Daily packs do not expire at midnight but last for exactly 24hrs from the time of purchase

5. How does it work?

  1. Customer simply dials *140# select option 1 ”Ikali” or *575# and selects option 9 “Ikali”
  2. Customer either chooses a minutes pack or data pack
  3. Customer gets purchase confirmation prompt
  4. Customer receives offer benefit upon successful completion of transaction via SMS

6. What are the prices, benefits & validity of Ikali?

24 Hours K1=7 Min
24 Hours K2=16 Min
24 Hours K3=25 Min
24 Hours K4=35 Min
24 Hours K5=45 Min
24 Hours K7=65 Min
24 Hours K20= 140 Min
24 Hours K30= 210 Min
24 Hours K50= 350 Min
7 Days K10= 112 Min
7 Days K9=90 Min
7 Days K15=140 Min
7 Days K21=200 Min
7 Days k35=350 Min
7 Days k45=450 Min
7 Days K75=900 Min
7 Days K120=1200 Min
24 Hours K1=50MB
24 Hours K2=200MB
24 Hours K3=400MB
24 Hours K5=700MB
24 Hours K7=1GB
7 Days K5=500MB
24 Hours K10=1.5GB
24 Hours K12=2GB
24 Hours K17=3GB
24 Hours K20=4GB
7 Days K25=1GB
7 Days K50=2.5GB
7 Days K100=6GB

*Based on customer’s usage behavior.

7. Can I use the minutes from Ikali pack to call on other networks?

No, Ikali minutes are on for on net (Airtel to Airtel) Calls only.

8. Can I use the minutes to make international calls?

No. International calls will be billed as per your normal tariff plan. However, the customer can subscribe to discounted International calling bundles by dialing *133# and selecting option 2 to purchase an IDD minutes pack.

9. How do I check for balance?

You simply dial *140# and select option 6 for minutes’ balance check or *575# option 7 for data bundle balance.

10. Can I buy Ikali for another person?

No, there is no buy for “other” option for Ikali.

11. Are the voice minutes and data bundles transferable?

No. voice minutes or data bundles bought under Ikali cannot be shared.

12. Do the new Ikali offers replace the current So che packs?

No, SoChe has not been replaced by Ikali.

13. What happens if I have a SoChe Pack or a Data bundle?

Both SoChe and data bundles can run in parallel with Ikali minutes pack or data bundle, however usage priority will be on the pack which has least validity.

14. Does Ikali Data bundle accumulate or increase my existing bundle?

  • No, there is no cross accumulation of data bundles purchased from Ikali only within the same pack.
  • Packs bought from Ikali will accumulate within the same pack. E.g. if a customer buys 50MB at 1 kwacha valid for 24Hrs and then they purchase another 50MB Ikali data bundle at 1 Kwacha new volume will be 100MB valid for 24Hrs.
  • However, if customer purchases 50MB valid for 24Hrs at 1 kwacha and another data bundle E.g. 500MB valid for 7 days at 5 kwacha, the bundles will not accumulate in volume as they have different validity.

15. Is Ikali open to all customers?

Yes the offer is open to all Airtel Prepaid Customers as per applicable segment except for:
Payphones & hybrid customers (Corporate Accounts).

16. Where do I get help?


Terms and Conditions:

  1. This offer is only available to prepaid customers excluding payphones and hybrid customers (corporate
  2. accounts).
  3. These terms and conditions supersede any other previous BVO conditions.
  4. Airtel reserves the right to amend and alter these terms, conditions and benefits of this offer.