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So Che Packs FAQs

What has changed on SoChe?

SoChe will now give 75% bonus on all minutes. Also If customers purchase SoChe using Airtel Money, they will enjoy 100% BONUS!

How do I buy SoChe on Airtel Money?

Customer dials *778# and selection option 4 (Buy SoChe or Airtime), under this option customer selects option 1 (SoChe Pack) and select the type of

Will SoChe on *140# Change?

No, customer will continue to use SoChe as usual, but they customer will enjoy 75% bonus on voice if they buy using this option. A customer dials the USSD codes *140# on which they will have an option of selecting either the All-networks or Airtel minutes Packs which have daily, weekly or monthly packs, SoChe Night Data Pack or Buy for other.

Note: SoChe packs are not auto-renewed

What is SoChe Buy for other?

SoChe Buy for Other is an option that enables customers to purchase any type of SoChe pack for their family and friends at any given time. This means that a customer can buy a So Che Pack for someone else regardless of where they are as long as they are an Airtel customer.

How do I Buy a Pack for Other?

To buy SoChe for other, simply dial *140# and select option 4, enter the number of the person you would like to purchase a pack for and proceed to pick the pack you would like to buy for your family/friend(s).

What happens if the recipient already has a SoChe Pack?

The benefits will accumulate and the longest validity takes precedence.

What is 75% bonus minutes on SoChe?

This is a promotion running on SoChe which gives customers 75% bonus minutes on every SoChe Pack purchased whether one selects the Airtel Packs or All networks Packs.

However all packs purchased via Airtel money will receive 100% bonus for all customers.

Is the 75% bonus minutes promotion open to all?

Yes. The promotion is open to all Airtel Prepaid Customers except for:

  1. Post-Paid Customers
  2. Payphones
  3. CUG lines

If both Airtel and All networks Packs are purchased does one get the 75% bonus on each of them?

Yes. The bonus applies to each SoChe Pack purchased i.e. if the customer purchases 5 SoChe Packs they get the 75% bonus minutes on each one of the SoChe Packs.

Does the bonus apply for SMS and Data?

No. The 75% bonus does not apply for SMS and Data.

Does the bonus have a different validity?

No. The bonus minutes take the same validity as the purchased pack e.g. if a customer bought a weekly pack the bonus minutes will equally valid for a week.