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So Che Packs Terms and Conditions

  1. To purchase the packs, dial *140#.
  2. So Che packs are customized to meet each customer’s usage pattern.
  3. Pack prices at different rates as per each customer’s usage trends. The prices will be displayed on the USSD code *140#.
  4. Minutes, Data & SMS to be credited to a dedicated account different from the main airtime account.  
  5. The packs will be valid as follows; a daily pack will be valid for 24hours from the time of purchase, weekly packs to be valid for 7 days and monthly packs to be valid for 30 days from time of purchase.
  6. The customer gets 75% bonus minutes for every So Che Pack purchased.
  7. The 75% bonus minutes are to be charged at a 30seconds pulse for on-net minutes and 60 seconds pulse for all-networks bonus minutes. The bonus minutes are to be used up first before the normal allocated minutes.
  8. Where the customer has Airtel Money bonus, the customer will deplete their bonus account before using up their So Che pack accounts.
  9. Where a customer has bought both an Airtel pack and All Networks Pack, the minutes in the Airtel Pack will be used up first for Airtel calls before using up the All Networks Pack.
  10. SMS on Airtel Pack can only text Airtel numbers, however, SMS under All-networks Pack may be used to text any local network.
  11. Where a customer buys more than one Airtel Pack or All-networks Pack and the packs have different validities, the longest validity will apply.
  12. Pay-Phones, Postpaid customers and CUG (Closed User Group) will not be eligible.
  13. On-net & Any-network Packs value cannot be used for international calls or whilst roaming.
  14. Where a customer has an active Airtel Data bundle and a So Che Pack, the So Che Pack will be depleted first.
  15. Customers may purchase the 800MB So Che Data Night Pack at K5 as many times as they please. The 800MB SoChe Data Night Pack is valid from midnight to 05:00AM
  16. Data balance in the So Che Night Data pack expires after 05:00AM every morning. Even though the Data Pack account may show balance after 5AM. This balance cannot be used after 5AM or the following night.
  17. Airtel Reserves the right to adjust So Che rates and benefits.